Bigo For PC – Free Download For Windows 7, 8, 10 And Mac

If you want to join a new social network, you must know how to use bigo for pc and access entertaining chats. You can have a great experience with this application on Tik tok or other social networks’ margins. Bigo Live doesn’t have much time online, but it has gathered many fans; you must know it.

You should know what bigo for Windows is and what differentiates it from the application you can download on your mobile. You can consider the recent updates of the app and why you should choose them over others. Finally, you should know how to get Bigo on your pc if you use excellent emulators.

What is bigo live for PC?

Bigo Live is a social network that you can use on your computer or mobile to interact with other young people. This application resembles Tik Tok and instagram, where you can do live broadcasts whenever you want. With Bigo Live, you can make many friends, loves, and even fans with the things you post daily.

Bigo For PC

You can free bigo download for pc right now to access the best live streams from other users. You can add famous people who currently use Bigo live to upload funny videos. The application is constantly renewed, bringing you more and more special functions for you to enjoy.

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Download bigo live APK for free

If you want a renewed social network, you must use bigo for pc from now on and meet new people. You can have access to the live broadcasts of the most famous users and laugh at their crazy things. You can also participate in group chats in which you can make friends or find your forbidden love.

Bigo Live is a social network for all types of people because you can also play online in it. You can access the option of “close people” and add everyone close to your GPS address. With Bigo, you can also send gifts to your friends, participate in shows, blog, and other things, sign up.

How to install bigo live for PC (Windows and Mac)

To download bigo for pc, you will not be able to resort to traditional searching methods for the program online. Bigo Live is a unique application for Android, and therefore, you can only have it with your mobile phone. If you want to have the social network on your computer, you will only have to resort to emulators.

Bigo For Mac

Online you will find a wide collection of emulators, but you should always use the most reliable ones. Emulators like Bluestacks and Nox may be your best option because you will have a guaranteed connection with them. These emulators will not present failures on your pc; they do not consume many resources or have malware.

You only have to comply with a few basic steps to have the Android emulator and then download Bigo on PC. You could use the social network without problems through this emulator, letting you upload photos, videos, publications, etc.

Method 1: Install bigo live on PC using Bluestacks

The simplest way in which you can install bigo for pc is with a reliable emulator; you have to do the following:

Install bigo live on PC using Bluestacks

  • You must go to Bluestacks emulator on its official website; you cannot download the program from pirated websites. From the software’s official website, you can download it free of charge in its latest version.
  • Install Bluestacks on your computer; the process may take a few minutes.
  • Launch the android emulator from the desktop.
  • Look for the application hosted on all android operating systems that is Play Store.
  • Register in the Google play store with your email and enter a password.
  • Look for the Bigo live App and download it.
  • Sign up for Bigo live and start enjoying the social network.

Method 2: Install bigo live on the PC using Nox

If you want to have bigo for pc, you can also use emulators like Nox that is light for your computer:

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Install bigo live on the PC using Nox

  • You can go to the official Nox Player website from your default browser
  • Look for the current download option, check that the Nox download version is the latest.
  • Install the NOX emulator on your computer; it is a very fast process.
  • Double click on the nox icon that was created on your desktop.
  • Access the Play Store from the emulator platform.
  • Configure access to Google Play Store by entering your email and a secure password.
  • You must search for the Bigo live mobile application and download it.
  • You will have to register in the social network to have access to all its special functions.

Bigo live alternatives for Windows and Mac

Bigo live for on your pc

With bigo for mac, you can be unhappy, or you want to use other similar applications such as:

1. Likee – Let You Shine

You can enjoy live broadcasts, short videos, and a huge selection of photo filters with Likee. This mobile application may be very heavy, but you can take it as an alternative to bigo live.

2. Snapchat

If you want a better version of bigo on your pc, you can turn to Snapchat, which has filters that can be updated every day. This application keeps growing where you can also upload short videos and images.

3. Beelive – Live Stream,Live Chat,Voice Chat

Beelive is a very new application that you can use to meet people, do live broadcasts, and upload photos. You can download the app from your computer or mobile and have access to your platform that is easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already have bigo on pc, you may have some questions about how it works, such as:

Is Bigo live a free social network?

Yes, you can use the social network at no cost, although some photo filters require your subscription.

How can I upload a photo to bigo for pc?

You have to upload the photo to the emulator’s shared folder, which can be in “documents” in Windows.

Can I use my webcam with bigo?

Yes, you can use your webcam with bigo live to broadcast live or capture photos.

What emulator is lightweight to use with bigo?

You can use Bigo for pc with the Nox emulator, which is very light and easy to use.

Can I use other applications like bigo in the emulator?

You can use any android mobile application in the emulator, other social networks, or tools.


To have a bigo for pc, you will need to complete a series of steps to install an android emulator. You have to start using the social network to upload photos, do live broadcasts, and win many fans. Bigo Live is a very good application that if you use it on your pc, you will have a good experience.

With Bigo for pc, you will have several options available such as uploading photos from the webcam. You will be able to take advantage of your computer’s high performance so that the application works well. Bigo Live is the application you need to win friends, watch funny videos and distract yourself for a moment. If you use this app or follow the above topics, its Bigo download problem will be solved.

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