TOP-20 Free Food Apps: Get Delicious Treats Just Because

Eat more – save more. This could become a slogan of everyday life for the majority of people who uses free food mobile apps on their smartphones. With these apps, the beloved drinks, snacks, and dishes become available with great discounts or absolutely without charge. Restaurants want to keep their eaters return, so there is an abundance of food apps with the option of having food for free.

It is hard or almost impossible to resist some free delicacies whether it is a sandwich or a cookie with a drink. Sure, you also want to become a part of the freebies-seeking community. Simply download the apps from your favorite cafe and restaurants and get free treats and amazing bonuses.

A rumbling stomach and no money in the pocket are not a problem anymore. Thanks to these apps you can join loyalty programs to make online ordering, call for fast delivery, find locations nearby, get rewards, and what is the most important – get free treats every now and then.

How to get free food from Krispy Kreme?

Krispy Kreme app

With the motto “Life needs more rewards,” Krispy Kreme offers you a bunch of benefits when using the app of the same name. The doughnut & coffee shop founded in 1937, keeps abreast of mobile technologies and uses them for its own good in the category of free food apps. Apart for notifying users about the time when fresh hot doughnuts are coming, helping find the nearest store, and informing about the limited editions of doughnuts and drinks, Krispy Kreme Rewards app also lets them get food for free.

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Delicious offers from Krispy Kreme Rewards app start from the moment when you sign up. You will receive a free doughnut at choice after registering your account and a sweet treat for a birthday. Free food and drinks are also available as a part of a loyalty program. So if you are a regular customer, then you will get incentive food boxes from time to time.

Panera Bread knows best fast food deals

Panera Bread app

Fast-bakery cafe Panera Bread has the ramified network of shops across U.S. and Canada and the individual app to keep the community of customers continually interested. In Panera Bread cafe, you can buy not only bakery items but salads, sandwiches, soups, and pasta as well. What if you don’t want to buy but to have something of it for free? All is possible with MyPanera, one of the best free food apps.

MyPanera is meant to bring you free food when you download app. This rewards app gives users surprises for registering, spending, birthday, and just like that. No matter how much money you spend in Panera, you will earn points for your visits and tasteful rewards for them. For true Panera fans, there are even months when they can get a free coffee or a bagel every day throughout 30 days.

Is Starbucks among the restaurants that give free food for signing up?

Starbucks app

Yes, but this “yes” is ambiguous. Starbucks gives you a free treat for a birthday. If you a signed up member you will receive a birthday drink in any Starbucks for free. Regarding other cases, free food and coffee in Starbucks is a question of your loyalty.

If you are a Starbucks regular customer, then there is an opportunity to accumulate special points which are called stars in the Starbucks app. And then only after earning 125 stars, you will receive a meal or a beverage without charge. You can earn stars for simple purchasing or taking part in challenges (which also consider buying certain food or drinks.)

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So the point is: want to have something for free in Starbucks, first spend money in Starbucks or come there in your birthday.

How to get free food from McDonald’s?

McDonald’s app

McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant chain that has no time-outs from the clients. Still, it attracts new clients and keeps the regular ones with amazing rewards offers.

Want to get some free food from McDonald’s? Start with getting one of our favorite free fast food apps on your smartphone. After signing up, you’ll gain a list of coupons for free food and the best fast food deals from McDonald’s. For example, it can be a medium-sized portion of World Famous Fries for free when you order something on Fridays.

McDonald’s app will let you track your orders and get rewards for them. So if you purchase five drinks, you will receive the next McCafe drink of any size without charge.

Baskin Robbins: one of the best restaurant apps with discounts


Are you an ice-cream adorer? Then you know that Baskin Robbins has probably the best ice-cream in the world. Want to get some Baskin Robbins free food through the app? It is a piece of cake with free food apps!

Baskin Robbins is among the restaurants that give free food for signing up. Right after you register your account, you will get an opportunity to receive an ice-cream cone from Baskin Robbins for free. With coupons for free food and deals which offers Baskin Robbins app, there is always a chance to buy your favorite tastes with good discounts or with no money at all. Don’t forget to take your birthday gift in Baskin Robbins. It’s a complimentary ice-cream for you every year.

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Food for free with Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts app

A world’s famous donut shop Dunkin’ Donuts also has a popular app which helps its regular customers spare money, find free food deals, and receive their favorite donuts and drinks for free.

Right after signing up with Dunkin’ Donuts app, you can get a free drink in any network store. A complimentary beverage also becomes available each time you bring a friend to the Dunkin’ Donuts program. With the DD Perks rewards program, you’ll get a treat for every 200 points earned.

Dunkin’ Donuts will also bestow you on your birthdays. So don’t miss a chance to visit your beloved donut shop on your special personal occasion.

Get free food from Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos app

Hot and chili taco is exactly what you need when hungry. It is nourishing and delicious. And sometimes it can even be for free. How and where to get a free taco? You can do it anywhere merely uploading one of the free food apps from Chronic Tacos on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Free taco will be available right after registration on Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill app. To be more exact, you will earn 50 points for signing up which is enough for getting a taco. However, you can accumulate more points with the Chronic Tacos rewards program and then get even cooler hot stuff for free.

Free fast food with Burger King app

Burger King app

“Save like a king” that’s an offer from the official Burger King app, one of the best fast food apps nowadays. Installing this mobile app on your Android or Apple device, you’ll get an opportunity to track all the hottest promotions from the fast food network.

Getting food for free at Burger King is only possible when you buy here something else. But you can use a trick asking your friend to buy something and get an available addition for free. For example, you can buy one Original Chicken Sandwich and get one more without charge. The same goes for classic fries and other menu items. Burger King app also gives you access to the list of coupons to find the best deals which help you spare on orders.

How to get free food online with Subway app?

Subway app

Starving that you could eat a whole elephant? We can recommend you how to get free food online and obtain some good sandwich in Subway. If you are the network’s big fan and the regular customer then one day you will be rewarded for this.

Get the Subway app for your smartphone and start earning tokens by spending money. Every purchase will bring you some tokens. So when you get 100 of them, you’ll receive a 2$ off coupon. Best fast food deals, bonuses, and surprises will let you get some free fast food from time to time. And don’t forget about a free cookie that you can get from Subway on your birthday.

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7-Eleven: how to get your freebie treat at choice

7-Eleven app

Get free treat with 7Rewards program from 7-Eleven, one of the best food apps. With this rewards app, you receive 800 points when you log in. This bonus can be spent for any gustable gift such as a medium coffee, a donut, a brownie, chips, taquito, and so on.

The 7-Eleven mobile app gives you free points for regular purchases. For instance, you will get every seventh cup of drink for free. Every dollar spent on orders will also bring you bonuses that can be once again accumulated for a free treat.

Ways to get free food… and smoothies with Jamba Juice app

Jamba Juice offers you to become a Jamba Insider with the help of its app. The mecca of smoothies, energy bowls, freshly squeezed juices, tasty bites and boosts lets you get something from its menu absolutely for free.

When you install the Jamba Juice app on your phone and activate your account, you’ll get $3 for your first order. You can spend this amount on any menu item and add some more out of your pocket. You can also get a pastry for free as it costs precisely $3. The Jamba Juice app rewards program is simple and convenient: eat often and get significant discounts.

Where to get free food and drinks? The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf knows the answer

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf app

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is the network of stores and cafe for coffee and tea connoisseurs. When you see such menu items as Vietnamese Cold Brew Coffee or Midnight Cookies & Cream Ice Blended drink, there’s no way to resist of wanting to try them.

The best news that you can taste at least one for free by signing up with the app. After registering you will get a promo code which can be spent for any drink. If you invite a friend to join the app, he will also get a complimentary brew of his choice.

Moreover, you can count on a drink for each one birthday and a free beverage or bakery for every 50 collected rewards points.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks app: get free food and special bonuses

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks app

First get the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks app on your phone, then make a $1 purchase and receive your free pretzel after it. You can get your favorite or discover a new taste. There are loads to choose from: original or cinnamon sugar, sweet almond or roasted garlic and parmesan.

Continue discovering new flavors as you will earn 10 points for $1 spent. After collecting 300 points, you’ll receive a free pretzel once again. The same will happen on your birthday, so you will definitely feel the benefits of using the app.

One of the best free food games apps: ampm

ampm app

The ampm app for getting food for free or with special offers is called Power Scratch. It involves you in the game where you can win free food and some other good stuff.

Upon signing up, you will earn three free scratchers and the same amount for the daily check-in. If you are within a mile or two of the ampm store, there’s a chance to win a random prize. It can be coffee, pepperoni pizza, hot dog, sandwich, and so on. All you need to know that you may get it for free just because you use the app.

Free food offers with the Sonic app

Sonic app

Looking for restaurant apps for free food? The Sonic app gives you 100% guarantee to treat you with a delicacy right after you create and verify your account. It’s up to you what free delight to choose. It can be a medium slush, a coupon with 50% off, or a kid’s meal.

You will also receive a monthly reward for using the Sonic app. It won’t be the food of your choice but always a surprise for you. The app users are feasted as well for reloading their Sonic cards. So if you pay for orders via the app, you will definitely gain rewards.

TGIFridays Rewards program that feasts you with free food

TGIFridays app

We know how to get free fast food from one of the most favorable restaurant chain! TGIFridays promises to treat you with chips and salsa every visit if you only join the Fridays Rewards program. By signing up for the app, you get a dessert or an appetizer for free guaranteed. There are plenty of appetizers to choose from, and all of them are equal to a full dish. TGIFridays desserts are also meant to bring saturation.

You will also collect points for the visits and money spent. So when you earn fifty points, a complimentary burger or a dessert are again available for you.

Fast food freebies from Schlotzky’s

Schlotzky's app

Googling ‘free meals near me?’ Become an Insider of Schlotzky’s Rewards program with the official Schlotzky’s app and quickly find the restaurant nearby. When you register and verify your account, you will immediately get a small-sized classic sandwich for free in one of the free fast food cafes. Schlotzky’s has impressive items in the sandwiches menu, so you will probably get back for more once in a while. Good for you! Because after your seventh visit you will get $7 offer for the whole menu. With such an offer, you can get some items entirely without charge or with a small surcharge.

Special bonuses from Schlotzky’s can also be gained when you share the app with friends or on social media.

Free & delicious treats from Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery app

Marble Slab Creamery invites all the ice-cream lovers to participate in the Slab Happy Rewards program. You can join with the app and immediately get the benefits from it. An ice-cream of your favorite flavor or that you never tasted before comes to you for free just by signing up with the app.

Even more advantages you’ll get from constant visits to the creamery. Each dollar you spend here will come back with the points for the new freebies. You can also celebrate your birthday in Marble Slab Creamery $5 off rewards and get delicious gifts on your Slab Happy anniversary.

Free fast food app from Red Robin

Red Robin app

How to get free fast food? Get rewarded with the Red Robin Royalty program. This is one of the best food apps performing casual dining restaurants. With its help, you will get a guaranteed birthday present each year. A free burger selected from the list of 24 gourmet items right to the start of your birthday party and available for a month after, isn’t it lovely?

When becoming a regular Red Robin customer, you will also get free food systematically. Every tenth item you order you’ll receive without charge. Furthermore, every sixth visit will bring you $20 for the next orders.

La Madeleine: real jam French bakery for free

La Madeleine app

Score a free treat or even a bunch of gifts from the French bakery La Madeleine. Once you signed up with its app, you’ll get a bonjour treat at choice: Lemon Madeleine or Butter Croissant. Every birthday you’ll be treated with an individual pastry or a cake slice for free.

The Magnifique level which considers ten visits per year will bring you one surprise reward each month. With 30 visits per year, you reach the Superieur level and a loaf of home-made bread for free every month. If you are in Crème de la crème status (50 visits per year), a free meal up to $15 will be added to all of the above.

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