Huawei HiLink For PC – Windows 10/8/7/mac -free Download

Products HiLink of Huawei is extremely popular around the world. These electronic devices work as a solution to have mobile Internet with ease. Many consumers around the world see this as an incredible opportunity that they cannot miss.

These devices have a mobile application that allows you to manage all the functions of the WiFi network. The question is, is it not easier to see Hilink from the PC? Here is a step-by-step guide to enjoying all the benefits obtained by using Huawei Hilink for PC.

About Huawei HiLink App / App Preview

Huawei HiLink For PC

This application is extremely useful to manage connections in the WiFi network more easily and efficiently. It is compatible with a wide variety of Huawei brand devices, which means that it can be easily used from your phone or tablet without any hassle.

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Huawei HiLink for PC – Technical Specifications

Now that some of the advantages obtained by using this mobile application are known some of its most relevant specifications can be described:

Qualification Huawei Hilink ( Movile Wi-fi )
Category Tools
File Size 22 M
Facilities 10,000,000 +
Rating 4.0 / 5.0
Req Android Version 4.3 and up
Developed By Huawei Internet Service

Huawei HiLink for PC Main Key Features

This is one of the most efficient WiFi management applications on the market. In this sense, it has certain characteristics that help it stand out from the majority:

  • Allows you to view the status of the network, including the number of connected users
  • Displays the battery status of the WiFi device
  • Allows you to disconnect any intruding device, simply at the touch of a button
  • Allows you to make copies of files stored on the device
  • Diagnose your devices and manage all aspects of the network optimally
  • Can toggle between standard and sleep modes
  • You can control the type of connection of the devices and enable parental control
  • You can create a guest network to
  • It has a virtual assistant for Internet connections
  • Simple password change functions

Download Huawei HiLink for PC [APK Details]

A mobile application like Hilink is an excellent tool for managing Internet connections. Here are some of the most relevant details of the application:

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Name Huawei Hilink ( Movile Wi-fi )
App Version
Category Tools
App Size 22 M
Supported Android Version 4.3 and up
Last Updated August 7th, 2020
Type of license Free
Download File Huawei H ilink apk download

 How to Install Huawei HiLink for Pc (Windows 7, 8, 10, And Mac) Free Download

To Download Huawei HiLink for PC is a very simple process that does not require much time or effort. This application can be compatible with any PC type; you have to follow the proper procedure to get excellent results.

Here is a brief description of what must be done to install the application on the computer and start managing the connections to the WiFi network with ease:

Huawei HiLink For Mac

The process to download Huawei Hilink   for Windows:

1. Download an emulator

An emulator is a tool that allows you to enjoy all the functions of an Android device from your computer. There are many emulators available in the market, so people should take it upon themselves to do their research and choose what best suits their tastes and needs.

Some emulators work for Windows or Mac, so people should download one that perfectly fits their device’s requirements. This way, they will be able to download and use the apk of HiLink without any problems.

2. Download the Hilink app

Put “Huawei HiLink ( Movile WiFi) download for free ” to search for the Huawei H iLink app download. Immediately, the search engine will take the user to the Google Play Store website, where the services of this application are offered. You have to click on the download button and wait a few minutes.

3. Run with the emulator

The user must enter the emulator after the application has been successfully downloaded and must click on a window called “All applications.” You have to look for the icon of the application and start running it with the emulator.

Download Huawei Hilink for Mac:

The installation process for Huawei Hilink for PC is completely the same for both iOS and Mac. People need to make sure to choose an emulator that suits the specific requirements of their devices.

1. How to Use and Download Huawei HiLink Using Bluestacks

The Bluestacks emulator is one of the best free software to enjoy Android and iOS applications from Windows or Mac computers.   Here is a short guide on how to use it with Hilink:

Download Huawei HiLink Using Bluestacks

Step 1: Install Bluestacks program on PC

  • The first thing to do is download the Bluestacks program from the official platform.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to install the program on your computer.
  • A settings window will open, and you need to follow the installation instructions to be done in a few minutes.
  • Once the program is correctly installed, you have to press the program’s icon on the desktop to activate the emulator.

Step 2: Make the Huawei Hilink download

  • Search Huawei Hilink in the Google Play Store in the search engine.
  • Press the download button to install the application on your PC
  • Press application icon HiLink from the emulator Bluestacks and Comien z to using it easily.

2. How to Use And Download Huawei HiLink Using NoxPlayer

The NoxPlayer emulator is one of the best free software to enjoy applications, especially for iOS, from Windows or Mac computers.   Here is a brief guide on how to use it with Hilink :

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Download Huawei HiLink Using NoxPlayer

Step 1: Install the NoxPlayer program on the PC

  • The first thing to do is download the Noxplayer program from the official platform.
  • Click on the downloaded file to install the program on the computer.
  • To Follow instructions for installation is performed correctly.
  • Activate the emulator by pressing the program icon on the device’s desktop.

Step 2: Enter the Google Play Store for the free Huawei Hilink download

  • Search Huawei Hilink in the Google Play Store in the search engine.
  • Press the download button to install the application on your PC.
  • Press application icon HiLink from the emulator NoxPlay and Comien z to using it easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Huawei WiFi router to my PC?

Huawei WiFi router can easily connect to a computer using a network cable. You have to put it in one of the router’s rear connectors and plug it into the PC.

What is the Huawei HiLink Web password?

The password is a security measure implemented by users to prevent strangers or strangers from connecting to your WiFi network without authorization.

How do I log into my Huawei HiLink?

You have to download the application, install it on your computer, and create a reliable username and password. This way, you can enjoy all the functions of Hilink with ease.

How can I download the Huawei health app on my PC?

The easiest way to download the application from your PC is by using an emulator. In this way, you can download the application and enjoy all the advantages of Hilink.

What is the username and password of Huawei pocket WiFi?

The name and password are determined by a special Huawei person or the user who owns the device. In this way, your Internet connection can be kept safe.


Many alternatives allow you to enjoy the functions of Huawei Hilink from the comfort of your computer. Besides, these options are very simple, and you do not need to work so hard to acquire Huawei Hilink on your PC.

Best of all, you don’t need to spend money at any time because these programs are completely free. For this reason, installing Huawei Hilink for PC is one of the most famous alternatives among users in the world.

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