Top Most desirable Web Hosting uptime % and speed compared

Hello Everyone today we are Covering the Top Most desirable Web Hosting based on uptime % and speed compared. Nowadays daily we see one or another Company is popping out with attracting offers but once you purchased their hosting or domain then you will find problems in their support, Uptime, Speed, or Renewal Price after using them you will realize why you have purchased their hosting? So today we will review some of the few best companies that have millions of customers using their hosting.

web hosting uptime

We are reviewing based on User Reviews on Popular sites and some we used personally to test them.

We Found on our Research that Most of all Web hosting providers Promise a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee but did they really lift up to their promise? But The Bad News is Many of them do not provide 100% uptime due to technical problems or any other etc problems. that we do not cover in this post So We are covering these important things in our review comparison

  1. Uptime
  2. Price
  3. Support
  4. Speed

This Four is the most important factor every webmaster will Consider before purchasing any Web hosting service.

Uptime: Uptime is the most important factor to consider if you are thinking to purchase a web hosting plan. If your site is not Live then your site will experience outages which are very Bad For SEO Think if search engine robots try to crawl your site and your site is not reachable then your posts will not get indexed or updated and more importantly it is very bad user experience.

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Speed: Speed is the most important factor to consider after Uptime when you open your site and it keeps on loading then what a Normal internet user will do? He will click one back button and go to another site on Google.

Page loading times go far beyond basic usability, causing 74% of your mobile site traffic like this to leave if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds! Similarly, decreasing those page load times can increase conversions by 74%.

Nowadays we are in such a hurry that we want everything fast and responsive when we open a site from mobile or desktop or any other device the site loading speed is very important and it is one of the factors of Google Search Engine Ranking and SEO. So Before purchasing We should need to check the speed of the Server whether it is dense or not.

Price: We Give price the Third Spot because We think about offers or cheap plans more than anything but Many Web Hosting providers have hidden terms that they do Reveal to us either or we don’t see them and purchase blindly. Like what they will do is they Give an offer for 1 year then they will not accept any renewal coupon and when you ask them they show their Earlier Coupon terms and conditions which we haven’t read so First Check the Good Offers if they are cheap and unlimited.

Support: one of the biggest factor we will see is after-sale service many of us get into trouble when our site is down and we are not able to contact our hosting customer care this will waste our precious time and the Site Begin to loses rank. Many hosting Providers have 12 Hours of Support and a few have 24 hours of Support so that whenever we faced a problem in buying or after buying we can contact them and solve our issues in realtime.

1.Hostgator Hosting

Hosting Provider: Hostgator

Why have chosen Hostgator as the Number 1 Web hosting Provider?

Because We Chose Hosting providers Based on our 4 Important factors as mentioned above. The First Important factor is to give up time of 100% So Hostgator lift up to the mark for the month of August and September According to and Pingdom Stats we are mentioning below.

Hostgator New Updated plans are Cheap and they now providing Cloud Hosting, Geo Specific Hosting Like For Indians They are Providing Hostgator. in and Transaction in their Local Currency with Round the Clock Support this makes them a Good And Reliable Hosting Provider.

2.Bigrok Hosting

Hosting Provider: BigRock.Com

Why We have chosen Bigrock as the Number 2 Web hosting Provider?

I know many of you Have heard Bigrock’s name First time But this is the most popular hosting provider in India. With a Clean and Good Track Record of 100% uptime and Good Optimized Speed So Bigrock is at number 2 on our list.

Bigrock Hosting plans start from 2.39 USD per month like Hostgator they are also Providing Geo Specific Hosting Like For Indians They are Providing Bigrock. in and Transaction in their Local Currency with Round the Clock Support this makes them a Good And Reliable Hosting Provider. Support is Very Good with Live Chat System and Through Calling.

3.Siteground hosting

Hosting Provider: Siteground.Com

Why have chosen SiteGround as the Top 3 Web hosting Provider?

This Hosting provider is Good Based on Several Review Sites and Its Customers We have Chosen SiteGround as Top 3 Web Hosting Company 2016. SiteGrounf average speed is Very Good and Responsive and Excellent After-Sale Support is Available.

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SiteGround Started in 2007 now they have data centers across United States, Europe, and even Asia and with more than 450,000 Domains already Acquired by SiteGround Customers. Its Plans Starts From 3.95 USD Which Is quite Good But We Have Given The ‘price’ Second Factor to Calculate the Position after Uptime. The Speed or Response time is Very Good Above the Expectation so we have placed it at the top 3. The Support is Excellent with Live Chat Support, Ticket Service, and Voice Calls.

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