V380 Pro For PC (Download For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac Os) Free!

Surveillance apps are all the rage, but none are as good as v380 pro for pc that you can now have. You can do some research and understand that V380 Pro is the best application to link to surveillance cameras. You may have poor CCTV software, but with this application for your pc, you will have innovation.

You should know why to choose v380 pro for pc over other apps and how to install it on your Windows or Mac pc. Find out which programs allow you to have the App on your computer and how efficient it is. If you take this type of PC application as a priority, you may get good surveillance results.

Why Choose V380 Pro For PC?

When you use v380 pro on pc, you won’t want to use another surveillance application because this one is special. With an easy-to-use interface, you will have access to surveillance cameras at home, at work, or in other areas. This application has a closed circuit in which you can configure your access and security in the cameras.

V380 Pro For PC

With v380 pro, you can take image captures with the camera, record videos, and save all that on your mobile. It is a complete application in which you can use various shortcuts to access each of the linked cameras.

Download V380 Pro APK For Free

You have to download v380 pro on your pc because you have remote monitoring on your CCTV cameras. With this application, you can use Voice Talkback to talk between the cameras and pretend to be at home. It is a complete app that is available for your mobile but also for your computer with emulators.

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If you want to save live recordings, you can do it with the apk on your computer just by turning on the function. You can record up to 5 minutes without pauses with v380 pro and, in turn, take screenshots if you wish. An extra feature that the apk offers you is with its alert system if it detects movement in one of the cameras.

How To Install V380 Pro For Pc (Windows And Mac)?

To be able to free v380 pro download for pc, you will need to use the android emulators from now on. This surveillance application is unique for android, but you can also have it on your computer using emulators. However, emulators’ use is not so popular if it can solve your connection problems with v380 pro.

V380 Pro For Mac

If you are encouraged to use v380 pro for pc, you may have new experiences because the program will run better. These surveillance systems consume many resources that your phone does not support, but your pc does. For you to have the surveillance application, you will need to download good emulators such as:

  • Remix OS
  • LDPlayer
  • Nox
  • Bluestacks
  • Memu

With these emulators, you will have safe access to the application, and it will not affect your computer’s performance. You can choose from your favorite emulators and find out what the steps are for their installation.

Method 1: Install V380 Pro On PC Using Bluestacks

Before you try to download v380 pro for pc, you will need a faithful emulator like Bluestacks, and you can install it like this:

Install V380 Pro On PC Using Bluestacks

  • You have to access the official Bluestacks page, do not download pirated versions because they may be discontinued.
  • Download the emulator software
  • Install the emulator on your Windows or Mac computer by following the steps indicated in the startup setup.
  • When you have bluestacks ready to start, look for the icon on your desktop and double-click it
  • In the bluestack interface, you will see play store, select it and have access to all mobile applications
  • Search the play store within bluestacks for the V380 pro application and download it
  • Wait for the app to download and install to start it
  • Click on the V380 pro icon generated at the start of bluestacks and configure the closed circuit.

Method 2: Install V380 Pro On PC Using Ldplayer

If you want to use v380 pro for Windows with the best emulator, you can install LDPlayer by following these steps:

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Install V380 Pro On PC Using Ldplayer

  • You have to go to the official LDPlayer website. It will be very easy to locate.
  • Download and install the emulator. Its weight is light.
  • Launch the emulator and search for the google play store app at startup.
  • Access your mobile play store accounts
  • Search among the applications for V380 Pro and download it within the emulator
  • Launch the surveillance application and configure it to your liking.

V380 Pro Alternatives For Windows And Mac

Besides V380 Pro for Windows and Mac, you can have other alternate applications such as:

Install V380 Pro On your PC

1. HD Wifi Cam Pro

You can have a more up-to-date surveillance application ready for you to link as many cameras as you want. This application is lighter than V380 pro and is a good alternative.

2. YCC365 Plus

Features like unlimited recording, intrusion alert, and automatic shutdown are part of YCC365 + for you to use. You can improve your home security by using this application on your computer at no cost.

3. V380s

It is the lite version of V380 Pro that you can have with your emulator not to consume so many resources on the pc. You may have the same functions as the full version, but it will fit an older computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have v380 pro for mac, but you still have some doubts about how it works, you should solve them now:

What news does V380 Pro offer me for pc?

With V380 Pro, you can record for longer, have intruder alerts, spokespersons, among other functions.

How many cameras can I include in the application?

You can include more than 50 surveillance cameras in CCTV using V380 Pro on your computer

Is V380 Pro free?

Yes, you can download V380 Pro and use it at home without investing any money in the software

Am I safe using V380 Pro?

Yes, you will be very safe using the application on your computer; you will have absolute control of your surveillance cameras

Why don’t the alerts appear in the application?

You may have deactivated the app’s alert system, and therefore, they do not appear; you must go to configure them.


If you want maximum security at home, you should use v380 pro for pc to control your cameras. You may not trust traditional CCTV systems, but now you can use a free one. This V380 application is originally for your mobile, although you can already have it on your computer.

It is time for you to know the best emulators for the application that is fast and light, allowing it to work well. You must know how to install these emulators and then the surveillance applications. In case you are not satisfied with V380 Pro and its operation, you will always have alternative applications for pc. If you use this app or follow the above topics, its v380 pro for pc download problem will be solved

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