Xmeye For PC (Latest Version 2021) – Download In Windows & Mac

If you want to control your surveillance cameras from the computer, you must use xmeye for pc now. The application gives you the solution to your problems with the surveillance camera to check the view from your pc. Now you will not have to use outdated surveillance software but instead, use an application on your computer.

You have to know about Xmeye and the options you have to use from your computer. This mobile and desktop application has many potentials for you to keep an eye on more than 60 security cameras. Discover how you can have xmeye on pc and dare to improve your home’s security.

Xmeye For PC Apk And Features

There are many reasons why you should use xmeye for pc and thus have control over your surveillance. The characteristics of the surveillance apk are:

Xmeye For PC

Very easy to use :

You can use Xmeye with ease because it has a friendly platform for you to understand quickly. You will be able to link your surveillance cameras to a closed-circuit without much problem.

You can customize it as you like :

The entire xmeye interface is customizable according to your preferences so that you have a good surveillance experience. You can use the shortcuts to access several cameras in your home or work quickly.

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It is compatible with your computer :

You can have xmeye on your pc with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 by 32 or 64 bits that your computer has. This apk does not ask for many requirements, only stability on the internet and free memory if you want to store recordings.

Wide in surveillance cameras :

With the apk, you can link up to 64 surveillance cameras at home or work now. You can keep an eye on the area for the whole day, without drops or a time lag in the image.

Download Xmeye APK For Free

You have to download Xmeye Apk on your computer because it is safer to record and does not have so many errors. Although the desktop version of the App is secured, you may feel more attracted to the apk. You will profit from different functions with Xmeye giving you a smooth recording that you can record if you want.

The application distinguishes itself from others by giving you greater surveillance cameras accepting up to 64 devices. You can use 1 or 2 security camera circuits with the app for extended surveillance. You can place and control the surveillance cameras at home and those of your work under a single App.

How To Install Xmeye For Pc (Windows And Mac)?

You can install xmeye for pc in two ways where both are profitable, but only one guarantees you greater security. If you choose the traditional Xmeye download on your desktop locating its website can be a great option. The disadvantage of using this program on your desktop is that some functions are removed, and it has problems in linking.

XMEye for Mac

If you want to avoid the xmeye program’s errors on your pc, you can download an apk using emulators. Although using Xmeye for pc using an Android emulator is tedious, it is the safest of both. The first thing you have to do is get to know the best emulators:

  • Memu
  • Nox
  • LDPlayer
  • Bluestacks
  • Remix OS Player

With these emulators, you will be able to have the apk of xmeye for Windows and Mac if it is your computer’s operating system. You have to know what are the steps to follow to install the surveillance apk and emulator.

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Method 1: Install Xmeye On PC Using Nox

If you want to have xmeye for mac, you will need to install an emulator on your computer as follows:

Install Xmeye On PC Using Nox

  • You must access the Nox emulator’s official website and download it; you will need to verify that you download the latest software version.
  • You have to run the downloaded software, give it administrator permissions on your PC and wait for it to install.
  • With nox installed on your computer, you have to start it by double-clicking the icon on the desktop.
  • In the nox interface, you must look for the play store, where you will have access to all the Android apk.
  • You must search for Xmeye and download the application, then install it.
  • Run the Xmeye apk and start linking your surveillance cameras.

Method 2: Install Xmeye On PC Using Memu

The process for you to download xmeye for pc is very simple, and you will need an emulator like Memu that you can install like this:

Install Xmeye On PC Using Memu

  • You have to access your Chrome browser and search for “Memu” to access the software’s official website.
  • Download the android emulator, preferably in its latest updated version
  • Install memu and booted on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Search for Google Play in the memu interface and log in with your account. If you don’t have a Play Store account, you will have to register.
  • With everything configured in Memu, you will have to search for Xmeye in its original version and download it. The application weighs less than 43 MB, so you won’t have to wait long to install it.
  • Install the app and start it in the emulator.

Xmeye Alternatives For Windows And Mac

In case you are looking for alternatives to xmeye for pc, you can have several alternative applications such as:

Install Xmeye On your PC

1. AtHome Video Streamer – turn phone into IP camera

You can have a more updated surveillance app to record or turn off the cameras at ease. With some, you can link many surveillance cameras at the same time to ensure your safety at home.

2. iCSee

With this app, you can link state-of-the-art surveillance cameras that give you a clear image. The application can be used free of charge on your computer or mobile phone.

3. MEyePro

You could have a revamped version of xmeye with MEyePro that offers an interface with unique options. With this application, you can link very few cameras, but it offers you image stability that other Apps do not.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some doubts about Xmeye and the installation process on your computer, such as:

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Do I not have to pay anything to have Xmeye on my pc?

You can free xmeye download for pc through android emulators from now on.

How good is the image quality on Xmeye?

Depending on the quality of your surveillance camera, you can have an HD image.

Why won’t Xmeye accept my surveillance cameras?

You may be misconfiguring the surveillance camera, and therefore, the app does not accept your devices.

Can I use Xmeye for pc without internet?

No, you need a stable internet connection to use Xmeye for pc from home.

Do I have to pay anything to use the desktop version of Xmeye?

No, both the mobile and desktop app versions are free, although you should think about quality when using Xmeye.


You can now turn to xmeye for pc to have a better surveillance experience with these CCTV systems. You could be at work and know what’s going on at home using Xmeye on your computer with emulators. You could have a good experience with this application that has helped many people around the world.

Downloading Xmeye to your computer is simple, and you can do it with an official version, but this one has some errors. If you want to avoid errors in recording your surveillance cameras, you can use Xmeye but in a mobile App. To use the xmeye App on your pc, you have to use android emulators that you can learn to install now. If you use this app or follow the above topics, its xmeye for pc download problem will be solved

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