Zarchiver For PC (Free Download – Windows 10/8/7 And Mac)

If you have a job like Home Office, you may have a mess with documents, but this is solved with Zarchiver. You must resort to zarchiver for pc to organize your documents under the greatest security. This mobile application is quite popular for guaranteeing that your documents will not be filtered if you save them in its interface.

You may know how to have zarchiver for Windows to have more range to save documents. This management app is very powerful, and you have to know it along with all its features. Discover step by step how you can have the application on your Windows or Mac pc and run it without problems.

Why should I choose zarchiver for PC?

You have to download zarchiver for pc to have a better organization of your documents in different formats. You may work at your home office and need a program that manages your documents. Zarchiver can also be your choice because it has a very high security to store important documents.

Zarchiver For PC

One point in favor is that you should use zarchiver on your computer because its interface is basic and easy to use. This application does not connect you to the internet to avoid the leakage of your data. You will not have to update the application on your computer, much less correct errors in it.

Download zarchiver APK for free

To have the best management of your documents, you will need to use zarchiver on pc from now on. This computer app is essential for you to organize documents by priorities. You will have a classic platform on which you can save the number of documents you want.

This APK is useful for your computer because it is only downloaded and does not use the internet at any time. You can avoid data leakage with Zarchiver because you will not need the internet to use the App. This program is like a safe where you can keep your data under the highest security.

You can unzip RAR files without problems in Zarchiver as well as heavier files like ISO. The support that the application needs is very low, making it compatible with any mobile or PC.

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How To Install Zarchiver For PC (Windows And Mac)?

If you want to improve your essential documents and files, you can use Zarchiver from now on. You can have zarchiver on your pc even though the App is mobile-only for now using an emulator. You could have a zarchiver for mac just by downloading and installing a program with a platform for Android.

Zarchiver For Mac

This file management program is very important, and you have to dare to have it to improve your work. You may have a disaster with your documents on the pc that are also at risk from data leakage. With zarchiver on your pc, you can change your files’ security and leave it in a folder that works as a safe.

You should know the best options in emulators like Nox player, which is quite light for your pc. Another emulator that you could use for zarchiver on your pc is LDPlayer which is powerful. You must complete some steps to have the emulator running on your pc and then download Zarchiver from the Play Store.

Method 1: Install zarchiver on PC using Nox

You can install zarchiver for pc by completing each step to have a Nox player on your computer:

Install zarchiver on PC using Nox

  • Download the Nox player emulator from your default browser, from Windows or Mac. This emulator only asks for 2GB of RAM and 1GB of memory on your hard drive.
  • Install Nox on your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 computers.
  • You must start the program to have Zarchiver on your pc.
  • Click on the play store located on the home screen within the emulator.
  • Log in with your play store account or register.
  • Among the programs you have to place “Zarchiver” and download it, this application will download quickly.
  • Wait for the android emulator to install the application.
  • Launch the App and start uploading your files or documents of great importance.

Method 2: Install zarchiver on PC using LDPlayer

If you want to use a second emulator that allows you to install zarchiver on your pc, you can use LDPlayer:

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Install zarchiver on PC using LDPlayer

  • Download the LDPlayer software; it may take a while because the emulator is heavy.
  • Install the emulator and run it on your computer.
  • Create your account in the play store
  • Search for the Zarchiver application.
  • Download and install the file management app.
  • Launch Zarchiver from your pc using LD player.

Zarchiver alternatives for Windows and Mac

Now that you can free zarchiver download for pc you can also resort to alternative programs on your pc:

Zarchiver for on your pc

1. File Manager

With File Manager, you will have the best file management on your computer and mobile phone without an internet connection. This application has a very easy-to-use platform and accepts various formats.

2. Mega

If you want to manage your documents quickly, you can use Mega from your pc. You will be able to save all your files in the mega cloud, share them with friends, and download them on other computers.

3. Zapya -File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist

You will be able to share files faster using Zapya from now on your Windows or Mac computer. With this App, you can transfer heavy ISO files to other computers without problems.

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 Frequently Asked Question

If you already have zarchiver for pc but still have some doubts, it is time to solve them now:

What files and documents do Zarchiver support?

You can save a series of files like Zarchiver like ISO, RAR, 7zip, tar, izh, xar, egg, tbz, among others.

Does the application allow me to share documents?

Yes, you can share documents with Zarchiver from your computer.

Is Zarchiver for pc buggy?

For now, Zarchiver for pc is working well, giving you full management of all your files.

Do I have to pay anything to use Zarchiver on my computer?

No, the management application for pc is free for you to download via emulators.

Why won’t Zarchiver for pc let me unzip RAR files?

Zarchiver has had several errors when unzipping RAR files; you will have to wait for them to correct the problem.


You can use the zarchiver for pc installation at this time to change the management of your documents. If you are tired of using Winrar because of its mistakes, you can switch to Zarchiver for pc. This application is essential for you to increase the security with which you keep your files.

Zarchiver for pc is very useful because you can host an infinite amount of documents and heavy files. The App has a lightweight of 1 MB, and with it, you can save up to 1 TB of personal documents. You will never fail with Zarchiver for pc as long as you use a high quality emulator. If you use this app or follow the above topics, its installation problem will be solved.

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